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metal spinning machinery

Unique Metal Creations

A brandnew machine spare-part ?
Adaptating a machine ?
Active collaboration with your ideas ?

Creating unique parts

Sometimes you are looking for unique metal creations. This does not mean that it is impossible. Adec develops spare-parts starting from concepts and ideas. Unique parts which make your specific application or machine considerably more efficient.

Adaptation of machines

You want to drive in nails of 150 mm with a 100 mm pistol ? You want another engine in your exhausting installation ? Adec adapts your machines to the requirements of your specific mechanical needs. Fast, meticulously and in a clever way!

How far do you want to go ?

You are looking for doorhandles in the shape of your logo ? Adec goes further than strictly industrial solutions. Feel free to present us your problem. If it is within the borders of mechanical possibilities, then we can guarantee you that it is possible.