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As good as new … or even better

Your machine has a sudden breakdown ?
A defective spare-part ?
Maintenance problems ?

And as fast as possible

Every single day that your machine is out of order you loose money. Speed is a necessity. Adec is aware of that and acts accordingly. Can we solve the problem ourselves ? Then we take action the same day. Do we have to order spare-parts ? We are in daily contact with the fastest and best suppliers !

Knowledge of the market

If urgency is required, know-how gives an important advantage. Adec employs the correct specialists to help you and also provides the quickest help. We have a thorough knowledge of what the market offers. With this we can swiftly guarantee you the best solution to your mechanical problem.

Large and small machines

No problem is too big for us, no solution too far away. Feel free to bring us your machine or your spare-part. Our roller bridge with a capacity of 3,2 ton can handle the biggest problemcases. We have a metal spinning lathe for every situation.