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metal milling

Methodical approach

Machine spare-part according to plan ?
Adaptating a machine according to plan ?
Metal prototype according to plan ?

Specialists who think

Our specialists read your plans exactly as they are intended. We look beyond the drawings. We study the impact of the part in relation to the other machineparts. Consequently we can guarantee the constant smooth operation of your machine.

Specialists who assist you in your thinking

Feelings for technique are a must, but insight in and understanding your wishes and requirements are equally important. You have a machine that you want to adapt. We are there to help you. First we thoroughly investigate the ultimate requirements of what you want to achieve with the machine. Then we look for the solutions and specifically work them out.

Specialists who anticipate

You have a prototype in mind. We share your enthusiasm. Adec is always eager to be on the base of improvements, but not before having thoroughly studied your metal prototype, with regard to the final purpose and how the machine will be used in practice. In this way we can think and work it out together with you and take into account all possible circumstances.