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metal precisionwork

Removing the superfluous

Drilling a hole or enlarging it?
Fitting a spare-part to the exact measurements?
To give an object the correct shape?
  • We drill.
  • We bore out.
  • We mill.
  • We turn.
  • We grind.
  • We saw.

Accuracy is a must

Each machine requires precisionwork. Parts must be perfect in size and shape. Adec adapts your material or spare-part very meticulously. Metal milling ? We mill, drill, bore-out, polish and grind the ballast so that the final result is a perfect part.

All treatable materials

Copper, iron, aluminium, steel, stainless-steel, ferro- and non-ferrometals, synthetic material, rubbers... If your material or spare-part can be treated, then we can solve your problem.

Accuracy of holes up to 0,01 mm

A hole should be perfect no matter in what kind of material. Adec drills or bores-out every hole with an accuracy of up to 0,01 mm for holes of 0,5 mm till 300 mm and more.

The most difficult shapes

Exact curves, angles, thickness, indentations... we can handle them with an incredible precision. The treatment of a 55 mm spindle is no problem. Engraving your name in a plate ? In a specific font ? No problem !